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Can Your Pet Talk? Ours Can!

If your pet was lost, could they tell someone where they live? That they need insulin because they’re diabetic? That the wrong kind of food could hurt them because of allergies? A PawPrintsID tag speaks for your pet when you cannot.

No Recurring or Monthly Fee. Ever.

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Need Medical Records, Stat!


Your pet is critically injured. They have been dropped off at an Animal Hospital ER. The doctor needs your pet’s medical records to treat them. No problem, your PawPrintsID tag stores your pet’s medical history and records. We are talking shot records, vaccinations, x-rays, veterinarian information and more.

Instant Communication

Phone or Text!

Instant Communication

Day or night, anyone that finds your pet can phone or text you. Immediately. No clumsy chip to read, 800 number to dial, and 3rd party to contact you during business hours. PawPrintsID – Simple, direct, communication.

Now You See Me

When your pet’s tag is scanned, you receive an email and a text message with your pet’s current location. In under 30 seconds, you will know your pet’s location on a Google map. Yes, 30 seconds.

Pet Patrol is Global!!

Did you know PawPrintsID Tags work anywhere in the world? People take their pets with them no matter where they go, so our tags go right along with them. If you click the globe you can see all the places people are using PawPrintsID Tags

Hi, My Name is Scarlett!

Help, I’m Lost!

Can You Help Me Get Home?

I’m a Female Dog.
My Breed is:

Your Personal Rosetta Stone

The Rescue Page is at the heart of our system. It allows your voice to help the rescuer contact you, understand the medical and emotional needs of your pet, and gives medical personnel the information they need in critical situations.

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Video Tutorial

Would you like to see a brief overview of PawPrintsID? Then click the play button and watch our short overview to learn more about our amazing smart tag.